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About Charalee

Charalee Graydon


Charalee Graydon,JD, Phd, was born in Alberta, Canada. She holds degrees in arts, law and mediation and conflict resolution. Following receipt of a Rhodes scholarship in 1982, Charalee pursued post-graduate legal studies in Oxford, England. She obtained her doctorate in mediation and conflict resolution in 2020.

She held academic positions in England, New Zealand, and Canada and practised law in Canada. She now teaches at EUCLID University in the area of mediation and conflict resolution, Charalee has developed programmes for students, judges and the public and published academic works on legal issues of crime and punishment. Her work in mediation and conflict resolution deals with climate change and how mediation, collaboration and the creative arts can promote the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

She created and taught a course at the University of Alberta on sentencing and has given radio and television interviews on this topic. She teaches mediation and conflict transformation at EUCID University. As well, she holds a diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism and is a member of international mediation organizations.

What readers say

About The Judgement game

Cases that lead to reflection

"This book leads you to think about some social issues happening constantly in our society. The author presents very specific and tangible cases, in fact the stories have been taken from real life judicial cases, changing names and locations. Tt the end of each story a set of questions is proposed I find it very useful for one's personal reflection. As the author says "This is your journey: A quest for the self within the mystery of consciousness". Furthermore, you can take part of the internet survey provided for each of the book chapters and so interact not only with the book and the author but also with other readers. "

Susanna Alonso

About The Judgement game

Challenging and thought provoking read

"Thought provoking read from a talented teacher and writer. Charalee challenges our perceptions of black and white life and death decisions "

Wendy Fetchko

About The Judgement game

Fascinating book with realistic cases to resolve

"I bought this book at the book launch in Montpellier, France. I was hooked because during the launch we played one of the games in the book. It was a short vignette about prison guard brutality and we had to decide if a trap had been set for the lawyer going to visit the prisoner who had made the allegations. At the end of the vignette there was a series of questions to make us think about who was the target of the trap - the prisoner or the lawyer; whether it would be regrettable if the inmate or the lawyer was caught in the trap; and what the public would think.

It was a piquant taster of the book which has cases on obsession, addiction, breach of trust, family affairs and so on. Each little case is based on a number of real life cases that the author has come across in her career as a lawyer. She is eminently qualified to write this book having practised law for many years as well as holding academic positions."


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Sarah Hague


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